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About stanley

Stanley founders

Mrs. Shubha Sunil & Mr. Sunil Suresh

Mrs. Shubha Sunil & Mr. Sunil Suresh

Founders & Promotors

"Everything is in a state of dynamism and change – places, homes, people, aspirations, and lifestyles. It is the law of life. And that is exactly why we believe in being nimble and agile enough to keep pace with moving times. But at the same time, we never lose sight of our core mission, which is to design and develop products that reflect quality, durability, and beauty - values that resonate with our discerning clients."

Team Stanley

Our diverse team consists of individuals from all over the country. Split between our factories and stores across India, we love working together. From skilled artisans to proficient and empathetic sales staff, the Stanley Team is customer service-oriented and is looking forward to serving you.

Stanley Manufacturing

Stanley Manufacturing operates out of two state-of-the-art facilities in Electronic City and Jigani Link Road. With 26 years of skill-sharpening and technique development, Stanley has rigorous training programs for our artisans to provide products that are comparable with only the best that Italy, France, and Germany have to offer.
As a trusted OEM vendor to esteemed organizations such as Toyota, Ford, and IKEA, Stanley has honed the capability of world-class quality and reliability that is integrated into all facets of our operations.

Stanley Retail

Stanley Group inherits and operates its business through four varied formats – Stanley Level Next, Stanley Personal, Stanley Boutique and Sofas & More. The brand operates over 45 stores in more than 19 cities in India.

Stanley Leisure

Stanley Leisure celebrates the untapped beauty of Karnataka, its rich heritage of history and nature through luxurious hospitality. Our vision through Stanley Estates & Leisure is to create world-class boutique getaways that are on par with the best in the world.