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Living Collection

Beautiful Living Collection Beautiful Living Collection

Old heritage . New beginning

Changes in technology, materials & trends have bought about a revolution in design & lifestyles. However, the hundreds of thousands of craftsman & artisans who have mastered the skills over generations can only be found here in India.

We at Stanley are proud to employ some of these artisans and have been encouraging the to produce stunning objects of desire.

Beautiful living product line of sofas, dining tables, Odd chairs & beds are a rare blend of classical & contemporary, finest materials like Rose wood, African wenge, Mother of pearl, Gold foil coming together with superb craftsmanship to transform normal furniture into original master pieces that are almost impossible to replicate.


Only Indian Rosewood, African Wenge, American Black Walnut, Burma teak & Satin wood are used for its inimitable colour & texture.

Inlay work

Stanley uses wood in wood inlay, Gold foil & Mother of pearl as materials for inlay work. Inlay is done by the most accomplished artisans keeping in the mind the minutest details.

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