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Informed Sleeper Informed Sleeper

Give your body the rest it deserves

Good quality sleep is essential for good health. Your next day begins by the nightfall. Sleep is the greatest gift to all living beings. We might have a great excerise routine and eat healthy all the time. But lack of sleep will cancel out all the healthy behaviour.

Bed of Dreams (BOD) sleep systems are designed and developed keeping in mind sleep science to harness the power of night.

Sleep better . Live better

While we sleep miracles happen. Body and mind work harmoniously so that we can live a better life. All you have to do is sleep. One third of our life we spend sleeping. We take sleep seriously. We investigate its every aspect. We understand the vital role sleep plays in the body’s cycle of healing, growing and rejuvenating. BOD is made of Scandinvian recipe perfected over 100 years of R & D. Our range of sleep systems are a result of exhaustive research, construction techniques & bespoke materials. BOD is designed to provide an unrivaled level of ergonomic support, to help you experience significantly higher quality sleep to wake up fresh every day.

Best of materials

100% Natural Virgin Latex, Memory foam, Micro pocket springs are used to construct our range of sleep systems

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